Study Guide for AWS Architect Pro Exam

This is an overview of my studying sources for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam.

For background, I have obtained the three associate level AWS certifications, architect, sysops and developer. This is my first professional exam.

I have 5 years experience working with various AWS services. But most of that has dealt with web hosting and other serverless application development practices. Some other services used for data warehousing/BI topics I am not as well versed in and will need to review them more thoroughly.

Overview of required knowledge

Much of this is based off of AWS’s exam guide and material from My goal will be to become as knowledgable as possible on the five domain’s the exam covers:

  1. Design for Organizational Complexity (12.5%)
  2. Design for New Solutions (31%)
  3. Migration Planning (15%)
  4. Cost Control (12.5)
  5. Continous Improvement for Existing Solutions (29%)

Initial reviewed documentation

Next steps

As I go through the initial materials described above I will create blog posts outlining the various videos/whitepapers I have read for studying and link them here.